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please learn to understand yourself and other people

The beginning of this posting is about the final situation at the end
of a series of postings about "ideas regarding a conflict management

Some people saw a possible interpretation of ad hominem attacks.
And that is the best possible example of how a peaceful person turns
slowly into a hostile person, if you use enough violent communication.

The typical case now is that people only pay attention to the end
result instead of looking at the beginning how it all started.

A random person expresses an idea. The first step now is not to check
what the person says, the first step is who says it. Why?
Because people validate "do I like the person?" and depending on the
answer they behave either in a peaceful or in a hostile way.

Now what happens if somebody goes to slap a random person in the face
only because this person has a dark skin?
You would immediately see the problem right there.
Only very few people still justify racism, because the majority of 
people is well aware that racism is wrong.

By the time it became really trendy to be against discrimination, but
does the majority of people understand why?

The high goal is to become an advocate of humanity, not to be trendy.

An advocate of humanity is able to understand and tolerate the opinion
and desires of other people and will not give others a disadvantage
only because of personal preferences.

Which means for people in the Debian community that you do not attack
people, because they prefer a different desktop environment, editor, 
chat client or because they express themselves in such a way that it
makes you feel unhappy, because its your own duty do deal with it.

Which means for Debian Developers that you dont play the cabal game.

Which means that you practise non-violent communication everywhere.

If you need assistance with the practise of non-violent communication
then have the courage to open up and reach out for support.

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