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OT advocate of humanity - Re: please learn to understand yourself and other people

Hello Lars,

On Saturday 19 January 2008 18:45, Lars Versen wrote:
> The high goal is to become an advocate of humanity, not to be
> trendy.

This seems to me like a worthy goal, to me.
I am willing to cooperate one way or another with anybody who has 
similar goals. 

I haven't read past discussions you took part in, so I don't know 
what's the connection with Debian.
Maybe the best would be for you to reply to me privately so that we 
don't veer too far off topic for this list. 
Please tell me how you are being an advocate of humanity. If you are 
interested, I'll introduce some of my own projects, too. 

As I said, I am always willing to cooperate with people of good will. 
Let's see what we could do together.



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