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Re: Re^5: ideas regarding a conflict management strategy

Lars Versen wrote:
> Steve Langasek,
> MJ Ray,
> the way you give feedback makes it really hard to practise non-violent
> communication.

This mail is really nice, it gets to the point.  This is something I
missed in your original mail.  Maybe you could provide the key items
of your ideas without pointing at anybody?  Maybe this could be used
for a better discussion.

> And the biggest problem seems to be, that you are not even aware of the
> violent attitude you provide.
> I dont have the proper education nor am I getting paid to help you
> with your personality improvement.
> But it seems quite natural to me that some people react in a negative
> way to your hostile way of being.

Just fyi: the last two paragraphs could also be interpreted as ad hominem



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