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Usage of linda


James recently merged a little branch from me into mainline dak code,
its changelog having:

  * dak/examine_package.py (check_deb): Remove linda call. It
    provides no added benefit to lintian anymore.

Iow - while you are free to use linda, NEW doesn't use it

During the last few months I did file bugs against lintian requesting
the things linda knew that lintian did not knew. All that I noticed got
included into lintian (thanks to its maintainers), so we now live
without a linda on the ftp-master host.[1]

Note that you should check your packages with the *latest* available
lintian version. Either by checking on a system running an up2date
unstable - or by using the etch-backport of lintian that I maintain on
backports.org. That backport is also installed and kept at the latest
version on the ftp-master host. I reject based on it. :)

[1] Yay, no annoying eastereggs anymore. They arent funny if you see
them a hundred of times.. :)

bye Joerg
* maxx hat weasel seine erste packung suse gebracht, der hat mich dafür
  später zu debian gebracht
<weasel> .oO( und jetzt ist der DD.  jeder macht mal fehler.. )
<maxx> du hast 2 gemacht.... du warst auch noch advocate :P

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