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Re: Updated Debian Maintainers Keyring

On Wed, Nov 21, 2007 at 12:10:41PM +0100, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> Here is the current list. 

When psql on merkel gets updated to a version that can load the dumps
from ftp-master, you can get a more accurate view of who can upload what
by ssh'ing to merkel and running:

psql projectb <<EOF
  SELECT s.source, s.version, u.uid
    FROM src_uploaders su JOIN source s ON (su.source = s.id) 
         JOIN src_associations sa ON (s.id = sa.source)
         JOIN maintainer m ON (su.maintainer = m.id)
         JOIN uid u ON (m.name LIKE u.name || ' <%>')
   WHERE u.uid LIKE 'dm:%' AND sa.suite = 5
ORDER BY u.uid, s.source, s.version;

The current output for that is:

          source          |   version    |           uid           
 apt-transport-debtorrent | 0.1.1        | dm:camrdale@gmail.com
 bittornado               | 0.3.18-5     | dm:camrdale@gmail.com
 debtorrent               |      | dm:camrdale@gmail.com
 libphp-adodb             | 4.96-1       | dm:camrdale@gmail.com
 torrentflux              | 2.3-6        | dm:camrdale@gmail.com
 a7xpg                    | 0.11.dfsg1-2 | dm:little_miry@yahoo.es
 gunroar                  | 0.15.dfsg1-2 | dm:little_miry@yahoo.es
 tumiki-fighters          | 0.2.dfsg1-1  | dm:little_miry@yahoo.es
 iso-codes                | 1.6-2        | dm:t.toedter@gmx.net
(9 rows)

> I note that the 4th package made an interesting choice indeed.

The Dm-Upload-Allowed: field is only relevant for DM when there're non-DD
uploaders listed.

It's relevant for dak in that only packages with that field set get
their uploaders put into the database where they can be referred to later.


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