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Re: Making Debian work: a question of trust indeed

On Wed, Nov 21, 2007, Martin Schulze wrote:

> > Again: Information about facts the DPL is complaining about should
> > be regarded as important enough to make people feel that they have
> > some relevance for the project and thus should be shared amongst
> > people those who should know it (inclusive the DPL).
> Then the outcome should be reported.  Not the beginning of a process.

   Reporting the beginning of a process is crucial for a project
our size and I hope only a few dinosaurs still share your view. Not
reporting can happen for many reasons, but firmly believing that it's
useless is really insulting to the rest of the developers.

   By the way, the contents of this paragraph from the platform that got
me elected should not surprise anyone:

   | Proper reporting is part of these rules. It not only helps the
   | current project by making communication better, but it also helps
   | future projects learn from our schedule, missed deadlines and the
   | reasons for them. Sadly, I don’t know how to get proper reporting
   | without making it a mandatory condition for staying at the appointed
   | position. I have seen many people playing dead then suddenly reacting
   | to public blame. But I’m willing to consider more constructive
   | alternatives.


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