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Re: Making Debian work: a question of trust indeed

On Tue, Nov 20, 2007, Leo costela Antunes wrote:

> I know I'm fighting against the natural tide here, but just I'm trying
> to stop a possible flamewar before it starts, if at all possible, so
> couldn't this issue (of which I have no particular knowledge) be
> addressed in a somewhat different pace?

   You're right. It was quite aggressive indeed. Wise, reckless, brave,
reasonable, overdue, stupid? -- I get mixed comments. But for those with
he weird idea that I am maneuvering early to seek reelection, they could
not be more mistaken. I do not intend to do more than one term and never

   I also learned tonight that a few of the things I was complaining
about were being worked on (though I was not aware of it), so since my
behaviour can have possibly demotivating effects on these attempts, be
well assured that I do not deserve any credit for their success.


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