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Re: About spam in the list archive

Hello Thomas

Thomas Viehmann wrote:
> Maybe we could start with debian-project at the present and go back in
> time from there until we get bored, but I'm open to suggestions.

I administer some servers with customers and these are some of the facts
I've found:

* Many spam emails do not comply with the specs
   Meaning: enforcing the RFC's when receiving emails could block some spam
* policyd-weight does a great job preventing the reception of spam (by
blocking emails with bogus headers and querying DNSBLs)
   I don't know about a similar program for exim (which AFAIR is the MTA
used at .debian.org), but there must be one.

This last, policyd-weight, used at the recipient restrictions level (HELO,
FROM, TO, all already known by the MTA) works just fine and reduces the
bandwidth used by spam because no DATA is transferred yet.

I know this won't help dealing with already received spam and such, but it
may help reduce the amount of spam received in the future.

> Kind regards
> Thomas

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