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Re: soc-ctte discussion at DebConf7 [was Re: Social committee proposal]

On Tue, 26 Jun 2007, Josip Rodin wrote:

I have an issue with the leader deciding on the composition of the
committee, in general. I think it could easily create the impression
that they are his cronies, and we have to avoid that.

You are right here - I just wanted to enhance the suggestion about a
"leader picked soc-ctte" where I share your concern up to some point -
even if I'm not perfectly decided whether it might be just practical
because I doubt that there will be enough cronies in the group of

I don't think that all other methods involving nominations and voting are
such an unbearable overhead.

Running several platforms and doing the usual amount of discussion on
debian-vote might be some extra burden for those people who are interested.
It might finally lead to a soc-ctte that is nearly the same as a leader
picked one.  The advantage might be the "prove of legitimation" which
is definitely a plus but it draws time from several people.  I think before
we decide about whether we should elect or not we might beforehand verify
whether we have really a large number of volunteers to elect from or
if the number of volunteers might fit the (not yet decided number of
commity members).

I think that there's plenty of people in Debian for us to have different
people in different positions at all times :) 7/1000 or 15/1000 is tiny.

Sure, there is hopefully no problem to find a replacement.  My point was
that we should explicitely name those positions who should not be a member
of the soc-ctte.  On the other hand - sometimes iot is hard to get a
certain number of people who are able and willing to do real work.  Ask
for instance the DebConf orga team whether they are flooded by volunteers
to help. :)

Obviously, yes. But even then, the people outside might not see things
the same way as the other members of the committee, and they have to have
a method of voicing this opinion other than a rowdy flamewar on the
mailing list or a GR explicitly condemning some member. That's just ugly.


Kind regards



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