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Re: Social committee proposal

On Fri, Jun 01, 2007 at 10:39:53AM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> So let me make a concrete proposal for a DPL delegation which I hope
> will be adapted and adopted by Sam.

As a general comment I like the idea of having such a committee and
welcome your proposal.

To the details ...

>     (5) Decide Its Own Procedure
>       Provided the decisions are consistent with the above, and
>       provided that the Project Leader does not object, the Social
>       Committe may decide on:
>         (a) its own size,
>         (b) its own composition and manner of appointment,
>         (c) its own procedures for for decisionmaking, including
>         (d) how many of its members are required to agree on
>             which kinds of decisions, including
>         (e) whether to initially assign and empower a single committee
>             member to deal with each enquiry, and of course
>         (f) any appeals procedure(s) short of overturn via General
>             Resolution, and finally
>         (g) any similar matters regarding its own operation.

I think we should mention here as an additional point "how to deal with
conflict of interests", in case that one of the members of the committee
is involved in a matter to be decided upon. Don't know if the TC has
faced similar issues, but I think here is compelling.


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