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Re: Social committee proposal

Ian Jackson <ian@davenant.greenend.org.uk> wrote:
> MJ Ray writes ("Re: Social committee proposal"):
> > I feel that this would probably entrench any majority views,
> > particularly with only five members.  Replace with:
> Do you mean entrench the views about reasonable behaviour held by the
> majority of Developers ?  The whole purpose of this exercise is to
> give effect to the views about reasonable behaviour held by the
> majority of Developers.

I do not share the above-implied faith that the majority of Developers
would respect reasonable socail behaviours when they are practised by
certain identifiable minorities.  The debian project seems to be
socially dysfunctional in several ways and handing an elected gang of
five this responsibility is dangerous and unnecessary.  I respect the
technical judgement of Developers, but we have clearly not been
selected for social skills for years (maybe this is another problem
with the exam-style NM) and that won't change overnight.

> It's not entrenched because the DPL and/or the Developers can fire the
> committee or individual members at will.

A good DPL maybe could save it, but that would be a very active DPL
and would they be following consensus?

If the developers elected the five, how could they be fired without a
big shift of opinion?

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