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Re: What do Open Source Projects need? - 2 Projects need


On Monday 04 June 2007 12:21, Patrick Frank wrote:
> If Sven Luther was active within the Debian Project for 8 years and
> one conflict between him, Frans Pop and maybe 1 or 2 other people lead
> to drama

If that only would be the case. Sven had serious problems with much more than 
three people, I can think of at least 10, but thats probably still magnitudes 
too little. One of the core kernel maintainers left Debian last year because 
of these conflicts, too. And contrary to what Sven always claims these 
conflicts go back at least three years.

> But Sven is a human being. And he is the only person who pays for all
> this drama.

No. _Lots_ of people have lost lots of time trying to mediate or discuss with 
Sven. Debian as a whole has suffered a lot from this. 


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