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Re: What do Open Source Projects need? - 2 Projects need

"Patrick Frank" <paddy.frank@gmail.com> writes:
> when I look back to the old days on Undernet back in the late 90s

When discussing ad hominem attacks, it's often smart not to make such
attacks yourself.

> like Sven you are looking at the wrong end. With a proper conflict
> management the first problem Sven had could have been solved in a
> way so that all the other situations would have never happened.

Volunteer projects are unfortunately notorious for often having very
bad conflict management (because, usually there are no people who are
good at it).

> If Sven Luther was active within the Debian Project for 8 years and
> one conflict between him, Frans Pop and maybe 1 or 2 other people lead
> to drama, and this drama lead to more drama, etc. till his fight for

Unfortunately, this wasn't just an isolated incident. If it were, I
think things wouldn't have escalated this far.

> But Sven is a human being. And he is the only person who pays for all
> this drama.

He was also the only person who persisted in continuing the drama.

>> You don't get an healthy debate by fingerpointing valuable contributors.
> I disagree with that.

Fingerpointing - especially in volunteer projects - is usually a bad
way of trying to solve problems, especially if they are social.

> A healthy community can take it when long term users and contributors
> try to have a controversial debate about thinks that should be improved.

This is different from fingerpointing. A healty debate is a good thing
and should be encouraged. Assigning the blame isn't and shouldn't.

> The Debian Community needs a working conflict management strategy that
> is not a simplified theory of Darwin "the stronger one wins".
> (or the dude in the right team / with the right jobs wins)

Well, I'd say that we need a working conflict management. Strategy
without implementation is worthless. But, having a strategy too would
of course be nice, as it would guide the people doing the management.

> But during the electoral campaign you showed a totally different face
> than you do right now. And that is hard to take. I have seen your page
> that used to be behind sam2007.zoy.org - of course the domain points
> elsewhere now. Maybe not all people who read this mailing list remember

If you are going to engage in public ad hominem attacks, would you at
least care to provide *some* support for your attacks in the form of
proof (I'd settle for a link to archive.org database)? Attacks without
proof are less than worthless, they only make others to ignore your
other points.

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