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Re: Social committee proposal

On Sun, 3 Jun 2007, MJ Ray wrote:

I feel that this would probably entrench any majority views,
particularly with only five members.  Replace with:

7. The initial Social Committee will consist of eleven Developers
drawn by random selection from all Developers.

Are there any statistics from which number of members on a
commitee stops working effectively?  IMHO, a committee of
five members is able to work effectively - a commettee of
eleven is not.  At least this is my personal experience and
I wonder whether there is some research done that reflects
this personal observation.

Moreover I wonder what sense a random selection should make.
Chances are good that at least half of the members is either
not interested or MIA.

8. Should any appointed Developer be unwilling to serve, unwilling to
serve any longer, or fail to answer three requests from the Project
Leader within a month without warning, they will be replaced by
another Developer drawn in the same manner.

I wonder how long it will take to finally get a working committee
by using this procedure.

Kind regards



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