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Re: What do Open Source Projects need?

On Mon, Jun 04, 2007, Patrick Frank wrote:

>    > **** ******, you suck.
>    > I desperately hope Debian will recover from these months.
>    > PS: Please go see a psychologist. Really.
>    Such public statements are not surprising since Sam Hocevar
>    was elected as new Debian Project Leader back in April after
>    many public defacements were targeted at Sven Luther by him
>    during the electoral campaign.

   Having spent countless hours talking to Sven before and during the
campaign, trying to calm him down, help him not being expelled, acting
as a proxy in many cases together with a dozen other developers so that
he would be less tempted to flood the mailing-lists, I challenge you to
back up that claim with any facts.

   You seem to have a weird way of "not using the case of Sven Luther to
resolve your own issues" (your words). If you have personal issues with
Christoph or other developers, I (leader@debian.org) would be happy to
listen to you, but slandering me certainly does not help me sympathise
with your case at first sight.

   As for Sven, you yourself asked him to "take a break". Since he
obviously didn't, the outcome should be of no surprise to you.


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