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Re: Two GR concepts for dicussion

Kalle Kivimaa <killer@debian.org> wrote:
> I'm intrigued. Considering that Debian Project is a non-legal,
> multinational entity, which courts would have what jurisdiction over
> which actions?

IANAL, but I understand that jurisdiction depends on who, what and
where is involved.  This project is a project of some organisations
and they could be taken to court. Various people work on it and they
could be taken to court if they were involved.

For example, if we issued a libellous statement about someone, many
people could end up in court.  We are not above the law just because
we are working on the debian project (which is a damn shame for some
bad laws like IPRED).

> I don't think I would stand a chance on having a
> Finnish court do a damn thing about any action made by the project.

I'm sorry to hear Finnish courts offer so little.

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