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Re: Another level of agression ?

On Sun, May 27, 2007 at 08:53:36PM +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Hi all,
> On Sun, 27 May 2007, Sven Luther wrote:
> >   17:55:11 < svenl> waldi: do you know who removed me from the kernel
> >   alioth team ?
> >   17:57:44 < waldi> nope
> > 
> > No answer yet, and :
> > 
> >   18:34:59 < sgran> I am not going to answer questions about who it was,
> >   that will need to be argued about on a different IRC channel
> >   18:49:33 < sgran> I have already /msg'ed the person responsible, and
> >   told them to let you know it was them
> >   18:49:47 < sgran> but they say they don't remember doing it
> Both logs are related. Waldi removed you from the kernel team at the
> beginning of the month (9th May) together with two other persons:
> dilinger@debian.org and wli@debian.org.
> It doesn't look like a personal vendetta but rather a cleanup of the team
> membership based on contributions in the last monthes. Stop escalating
> your personal problems with the whole project.

Notice that if Stefan had told me that, instead of hiding it, i would
have asked Bastian, and it would have gone no further.

Notice also, that it was not even me who asked on #alioth, and that
things could have gotten much cleaner with transparency and

Finally, i just notice that the alioth admin team apparently saw no
problem in filing the full log of the time i removed jonas from svn
shortly before cebit 2006, which didn't lead to any consequence, and as
thus directly contributed to witch hunt against me, so, two weights, two
mesures ? 

And notice the difference, here responding transparently would have
diffused a potential problem, while back then, the info was provided
explicitly to contribute to the agression against me.

> PS: I don't disclose this for you (after all you managed to annoy the
> Alioth admins this afternoon by insinuating that we're part of a
> conspiracy and you even threatened to attack one of us in a French court)
> but for the other persons who are wondering what happened. 

How fun how things get out of hand, Stef mentioned that nothing could
force him to reveal that information, and i made mention of a french law
about computer database, and how it allowed anyone to ask for the data
concerning him in any database, and that this could be used to obtain
such information.

Notice how you transform this into me threatening to attach you in a
court, which is typical of how all this has gone. The most minor thing i
say is taken out of proportion, and i get strongly bashed for it, and it
becomes the summit of evilness, while all that is done to me is ignored
or minimized.

But then, i know since we spoke at the end of Solution Linux, that
concience and honestity are not sentiments which you care all that much

This does change nothing. I ask that my svn and kernel commit access be
restored, that the DAM's decision to suspend me be lifted, and that the
Debian project tries to find a honest and fair solution to this mess
which has caused innumerable flamewars and angryness and loss of time
since over a year now. 


Sven Luther

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