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Re: Change of the debian code-name base?

On Sat, May 26, 2007 at 04:06:30PM +0200, Torsten Trautwein wrote:

> I've never been a big friend of the code-names of Debian, so I wanted
> to ask if it was possible to change the naming resource from Toy Story
> to The Simpsons?

The reason for using Toy Story is the historical connection, through
Bruce Perens, between the project and that movie.  I'm not aware of
any connection, however remote, between Debian and The Simpsons.

We haven't run out of Toy Story names yet.  My hope is that before we
do, some studio will come out and admit to using Debian (not just
Linux) in the production of some movie.  Or that something else will
come along with a strong connection to Debian and offer itself as an
obvious source for names.  But whatever we choose as our next source
should have at least *some* connection to Debian.

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