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Change of the debian code-name base?


I'm a long time Debian GNU/Linux user - both as a desktop and server OS.
I've never been a big friend of the code-names of Debian, so I wanted
to ask if it was possible to change the naming resource from Toy Story
to The Simpsons?

The reason to ask this just now is the current testing code-name
"Lenny" which is a character in both Toy Story and the Simpsons and so
it would be a great time for a change.

The Simpsons have a great variety of characters with unique attributes
and are popular because of the funny aspect, but also because of the
serious backgrounds of some episodes. For me it's the same for Debian:
it has never been that much fun to do serious stuff.

I don't know if everybody else is happy with the Toy Story names, but
I doubt that and so I ask for your opinion.

Toy Story Characters: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Toy_Story_characters
Simpsons Characters:

Torsten Trautwein

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