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Re: Bug#419642: New List: debian-infrastructure


* Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> [070417 14:10]:

> Like Frans, I wonder why another list is needed. debian-devel-announce is
> OK from my point of view. The day where it's cluttered with announces of
> downtime, we can probably reconsider the question. 

Let's have a look...

> >  . alpha buildd is moving, downtime expected
> >  . ftp-master moved to new bandwidth donator
> >  . New sparc porting machine added to the network

That's mostly interesting for developers, and could be send to d-d-a.

> >  . IPv6 available for security servers
> >  . volatile archive moving, down for one day
> >  . backports now supports packages for etch and sarge

That's interesting for our users, too.  I don't know, why it should be
"hidden" on d-d-a.

If it's planed a bit ahead it could have been added to the dwn;  IMHO at
least Ipv6 and backports could have been send to -news; while I don't
think volatile moving is something which should be send to news.

> I don't see why this couldn't be on d-d-a right now. :)

I partly agree ;)

Yours sincerely,

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