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Re: Bug#419642: New List: debian-infrastructure

Hi Joey,

On Tue, 17 Apr 2007, Joey Schulze wrote:
> Long description: This list covers announcements about changes in the
> 		  Debian infrastructure including services the Debian
> 		  project directly or indirectly provides.

Like Frans, I wonder why another list is needed. debian-devel-announce is
OK from my point of view. The day where it's cluttered with announces of
downtime, we can probably reconsider the question. 

But up to now, it's more a problem of people (DSA mainly) deciding to send
announces rather than lack of list.

Since you're DSA, maybe you can send a list of announces that you would
have sent in the last month so that we can evaluate whether it's really
needed volume-wise?

> I would like to see information such as the following be distributed
> via this list:
>  . alpha buildd is moving, downtime expected
>  . IPv6 available for security servers
>  . ftp-master moved to new bandwidth donator
>  . New sparc porting machine added to the network
>  . volatile archive moving, down for one day

BTW, full ack that those information should be more widely spread.

>  . backports now supports packages for etch and sarge

I don't see why this couldn't be on d-d-a right now. :)

Raphaël Hertzog

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