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Bug#419642: New List: debian-infrastructure

Package: lists.debian.org

I would like to establish a mailing list for infrastructure and
service announcements.

Name: debian-infrastructure / debian-infrastructure-announce
      debian-services / debian-services-announce

Rationale: There is currently no way to inform developers and users
	   about the downtime of internal and public services,
	   important configuration changes of Debian hosts etc.

Short description: Announcements about the Debian Infrastructure

Long description: This list covers announcements about changes in the
		  Debian infrastructure including services the Debian
		  project directly or indirectly provides.

Category: Users / Developers

Subscription: open

Post policy: moderated in the same way as debian-devel-announce
	     (i.e. every developer is allowed to send GPG signed mail)

Web archive: yes

I would like to see information such as the following be distributed
via this list:

 . alpha buildd is moving, downtime expected
 . IPv6 available for security servers
 . ftp-master moved to new bandwidth donator
 . New sparc porting machine added to the network
 . volatile archive moving, down for one day
 . backports now supports packages for etch and sarge

The name of the list is discusseable, of course.



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