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Re: Debian 4.0 finally arrives... does anyone care?

Andreas Tille <tillea@rki.de> wrote: [...]
> The only thing I wanted to say is: We should not ignore a text for
> the only reason that the author is a troll.  It might happen that
> even trolls find something we can enhance.  [...]

That was first posted in reply to me, yet I never suggested that we
should ignore it because the author is a troll.  Just be aware who
wrote that article and that they aren't realistic.

Don't ignore the troll, challenge them.  We should *DISMISS* poor
articles that sift forums and repeat already-debunked articles by the
same author. It's hit-and-run journalism, so put SJVN on
reporter-trial and be ready to send his work to article-gaol.

The headline to that article really should be "SJVN flames debian
again... does anyone care?" and the answer should be no, because the
flame contains nothing useful.  Look at what it contains:

- IceWeasel - many people are already acutely aware of the result of
Mozilla's attempts to stop their browser being free software (and GNU
also have a fork underway);

- CONFIG_IP_ROUTE_MULTIPATH_CACHED was grepped from slashdot and
wasn't popular enough for anyone to ask for it to block the release.
If it had blocked the release, would SJVN be flaming debian for
delaying etch for an obscure/unpopular fringe feature?  I suspect so;

- The X comments were also grepped from slashdot and SJVN doesn't seem
to understand what X is anyway ("the X.org windows manager");

- the organisational worries may have some merit, but his source for
"as a direct result of that dispute other developers slowed down their
work on Etch" (Andreas Barth) already commented about SJVN's spin in
Nevertheless, it gets reposted by SJVN as if it were true.

Don't ignore it because of past trolling.  Ignore it because it's daft.

Hope that explains,
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