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Re: Debian 4.0 finally arrives... does anyone care?

On Friday 13 April 2007 09:54, Philippe Cloutier wrote:

[paraphrasing the article I linked to]
> It's stupid that Debian renames Mozilla applications.

Yes, it is.

>     Sure, let's drop the DFSG for lenny.

Seriously: it is very stupid that the licensing/trademark situation lead 
Debian to rebrand the Mozilla applications.  We're telling people that they 
can/should use Debian, and 5 minutes later I have to explain why we don't 
have mozilla - not a good first user impression, and anybody who is not 
interested in legal issues won't understand our reasons.

I understand the reason why it was done, and it would certainly be great if 
the Mozilla foundation had a sane Trademark license, but in the mean time I 
would very much like if people remembered the G in DFSG a bit more often.

EOD from my side for now on this issue, it's been killed at least 5 tmes 
already a long time ago.

-- vbi

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