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BTS spam today: mailing lists archives cleaned

Hi all,

As most of you will have noticed, there was a particularly bad SPAM attack 
against the BTS today. Filters are in place now.
In view of the extremely high amount of mail, we have decided to make an 
exception and clean up the list archives.

Al in all 35 lists were hit. To give an idea of the numbers involved, here 
are the lists hit most heavily (>100 spams):
791 debian-wnpp/2007/debian-wnpp-200704
361 debian-x/2007/debian-x-200704
194 debian-boot/2007/debian-boot-200704
170 debian-qt-kde/2007/debian-qt-kde-200704
157 debian-glibc/2007/debian-glibc-200704
135 debian-kernel/2007/debian-kernel-200704
105 debian-qa-packages/2007/debian-qa-packages-200704
102 debian-tex-maint/2007/debian-tex-maint-200704

Normally the list archives are not cleaned [1] with as main reason that 
doing so would invalidate any links to mails on the list archives 

One consideration in cleaning the archives this time is that it is 
unlikely that (m)any links to valid posts had been created yet.

On behalf of the list masters,
Frans Pop

[1] In some exceptional cases mails have been replaced by a placeholder 

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