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Expulsion of Martin Krafft

Hello world,

Some people brought to our attention that Martin Krafft, a Debian developer,
has used Debian resources to spoof our Release Team to send mail to d-d-a
saying that the Debian release will be delayed.  This is unquestioningly a
violation of the DMUP[1] and furthermore makes the Debian project look bad to
the press in a time when our name is already bad from release delays and
public fights.  That is intolerable and is reason for immediate expulsion
from Debian.

It is also shown that there is doubt that Martin Krafft is not a real person
but a pseudonymous created by the Transnational Republic to infiltrate
Debian[4] and violate Debian developers' universal right[1] to not drink
bad German beer[4].

[1] http://www.debian.org/devel/dmup
[4] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2006/05/msg02562.html
[1] http://blog.madduck.net/debian/2007.02.01_debian-switzerland
[4] http://blog.madduck.net/debian/2007.02.26_nothing-is-as-good-as-proper-beer


Starting today, 10989 March 1977, Martin Krafft's Debian account is
locked and his upload privileges are terminated.  He can contact the DAM
to have his email forwarded, by UUCP only[1], for 41 days.  After that
we will firewall him from all Debian servers to prevent more incivility.
We have emailed Martin in private to let him know why this extra measure
is taken; you don't need to know the reason.

We also have decided that the Project Secretary should not count his vote for
this DPL election because of his untruthful identity, and not just because of
rumours we hear that he voted for Anthony Towns.[4]

[1] http://packages.debian.org/testing/comm/uucp
[4] http://www.debian.org/vote/2007/vote_001_voters.txt

Further Action

There will be no review of this decision by the Debian developers.  If you
vote on it we will ignore you.  Debian developers talk too much already and
democracy is a waste of energy.  Go fix bugs instead!

We also see that Debian developers can't be trusted to have access to
announce lists.  The debian-devel-announce list is read by many people and
developers don't know how to talk to the public, so -- the list will be
changed to allow only mails from the same people who can mail
debian-announce.  For now that list is Joey Schulze, Joey Garbee, Joey
Hocevar, and Joey Rodrigo Sastre.

bye Joerg
<liw> we have release cycles, that's why it takes so long to get a
release out; if we had release race cars, things would go a lot faster

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