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Formal inquiry about who censored the wiki pages ...

Hello Fellow debian developpers,

I have now come with a very grave problem, and that it is that someone has
apparently censored the wiki pages, and actually removed material there, which
is evidence in my favour in this matter, not reverted, but actually removed
from the wiki page.

The incriminated page is the following one :


where the revision 12 or 14 has been removed.

This is another attempt to smear me in this war against me, and to remove
evidence of the misbehaviour of the other party, and a grave offense.

This is also further evidence of mis-using one's technical access to the
debian infrastructure, in order to pursue a private warfar.

I now thus ask officially that the DAMs step in, and act accordying to their
power and obligation, and expulse from debian whoever it was who has abused
his debian account in such a way.

Joerg, Elmo, whoever else is in this charge, this is a clear violation of the
policy, and as thus, you should immediately take action.


Sven Luther

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