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Re: Developers vs Uploaders

Erinn Clark wrote:
> - Stratification
>   As a subset of the power structure thing, one of the other issues I
>   foresee is a "some developers are more equal than others" thing
>   happening. I'm having a hard time thinking of how to explain this,
>   because it's a bit "télétubby", as Joss would say, but I think there
>   is ample world history that supports the idea that caste systems
>   negatively impact societies, unless you're in the upper caste. And
>   this bullet would not be complete with a gratuitous mention of
>   Gattaca and A Brave New World. :) 

Very good points, but the problem I have with this one is that the
current sponsorship process is already just as much a caste system, with
an apparently pretty scary number of people in that caste (has someone
run the numbers?). And it seems like empowering some of the people who
are stuck being sponsored for everything might help get them out of that

The way that it undermines the current NM process is a benefit too IMHO.

see shy jo

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