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Re: Developers vs Uploaders

* Simon Huggins <huggie@earth.li>, [2007-03-16 18:05 +0000]:
>  I've worked with Yves-Alexis on xfce packaging and sponsored some of his
>  work into the project or uploaded work that was from the team with large
>  contributions from him.  I can't fault his work or dedication and when
>  I've pointed things out to him or raised issues in general he's been
>  very responsive in getting things in our repository - certainly more
>  responsive than I've been of late.

I've sponsored a lot of Corsac uploads as well, and I've worked with him
and Simon co-maintaining Xfce packages for a while.

My experience working with Corsac has been pretty similar to what Pierre
Habouzit said about Fathi: the number of spotted problems and
suggestions about his work decreased with time, and now I'm just a proxy
between himself and the archive. I always check his changes but I almost
never find issues. That's time consuming for me and frustrating for

>  In any case, Yves-Alexis deserves to be pushed through NM or get his key
>  in this DM keyring whichever comes first.

He deserves to be a DD.

$ find desktop/trunk -name changelog|xargs grep -- "-- Yves-Alexis"| wc -l

$ find goodies/ -name changelog|xargs grep -- "-- Yves-Alexis"| wc -l

And it's not just quantity. It's quantity *and* quality.

Now, if it takes more that one year and five months for people like
Corsac to become DDs, we really do have a problem with the NM process.
However, the DM proposal seems to lessen these problems allowing Corsac
(and others in his very situation) to *at least* upload packages, and I
can only second that.


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