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Re: Developers vs Uploaders

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh dijo [Thu, Mar 15, 2007 at 10:22:32AM -0300]:
> I (and a lot of other people) would like to give everyone that really
> participates in Debian full DD voting privileges.  This means translators,
> documentation people, and others that have no business getting anywhere
> close to the package archive (unless they are *also* packaging DDs, of
> course, which is often true), but who *are* contributors to the Debian
> project.
> We want to make them DDs, in fact.  But we recognize the need for different
> types of DDs (with the same voting rights, AND access to debian-private)
> with different access permissions to be able to do it.  Until the access
> constelations are fine-grained enough, we will have to keep NM as a
> packaging DD test, and refuse anyone that can't package properly.
> The new functionality aj announced is a step in that direction of more
> fine-grained access constelations, IMHO.

There are many ways of getting to Rome ;-)

I think and hope that, with DM in place, NM will be modified in the
end. Probably, NM will have as a prerequisite or step being a DM. This
will ease frustration because of the delays and checks - The applicant
might be judged according to his actual work, according to how many
"stupid uploads" (i.e. b0rked packages) he has uploaded, maybe
measured with many almost-immediate uploads or something like
that. As, after all, he will be uploading to unstable, no _real_ harm
should stem from a not-perfectly-made package - And, after all, it
won't be _that_ easy to become a DM either, I hope ;-)


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