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Re: SGI Altix 350/3700 - 450/4700

Thanks It is very helpful.

We would like to offer a local customer the installation services for Debian on SGI Altix. How can you collaborate with us with such proposal ? What is the process to hire your services in case we
hit a bug or a problem while installing.

I have an SGI Altix 350 available and once they see that running I believe I can convince them to purchase a Altix 450 to do the same.


Stéphane Larose wrote:
Hi Anibal,

Some months ago I begun to try installing Debian etch on an Altix 350. It worked out by doing some changes that are explained on the link you found. I then informed the debian community and Dan Frazier made those changes on etch (I think there is only one thing left which is bug 408588).

Since then I never tried the official etch cd to see if everything is ok because I use the cd I created which is based on etch in December 2006 (http://rad.bioinfo.ulaval.ca/hardware/altixia64/netinst_debian_altix.iso/download). This one boot and install whitout problem on our 350 and 3700 servers.

Two weeks ago, we received a 450 and I tried to boot the cd I'm talking about but it diden't worked (kernel crash when booting - but again, this is a december version). I will have a look at that in 2 or 3 weeks (I will also try the actual etch cd).

Hope this helps.

Stéphane Larose

On Tuesday 13 March 2007 08:47, Anibal Abdulkhalek wrote:
That is part of the question, meaning whether it will work or not. The
other question is if there is a cheat sheet to follow for the installation.
I found one on the web but I wanted to confirm with some of the members
of the Debian community if they have tried as well.

Here is what I found :



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