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Re: Debian Tartan for Debconf7 ... progress

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Steve McIntyre wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 28, 2007 at 11:23:46PM +0000, Philip Hands wrote:
>> So, if you're thinking that you might be interested in having one of these,
>> you need to check your bank balance, and get back to me _soon_ since the
>> deadline for orders is liable to be in about a week if we want the cloth
>> ready in time for Debconf  (if you miss that deadline, another batch can
>> always be done of course, but that will incur another weaver's setup fee
>> which seems to be somewhere between 300 & 500 GBP).
> I can't really afford it, but sod it. Count me in for a proper 8-yard
> kilt, same as you.

Good man :-)

The tartan design that seems to have gained consensus among the current
sign-ups is this one:


and I've gimped that into a larger sheet here, so you can get a better idea
of the full effect:


I think the designer said that the sett (the repeat interval) was about 8
inches on that one, which is larger than average, but still OK for use in

I still need to confirm the exact colours, but since I'm not going to be
able to send out colour samples to others in the time available, and one
cannot guarantee that what's seen on screen is going to be exactly the same
shades as the final result, I wouldn't worry about that too much -- I'll
ask the designer what he recommends and go with that.

So, about the tartan design:

  It's predominantly red, to reflect the red from the logo, made of two
  shades of red to give a gradation towards the middle (the nearest thing
  I could get to a swirl in a plaid) the blue is "Electric Blue" which
  makes sense, since we wouldn't get far without electricity, there's a
  fair amount of black, and a little yellow, as a nod towards Tux, and the
  white spells out DEBIAN in morse (with a correct 1:3 ratio for dots to
  dashes, and for the pauses in and between letters).

  Also, unusually (although not uniquely) for a tartan, it's not symmetric.
  The morse section does not repeat in reverse, so while it still looks
  like a fairly conventional tartan (if a little busy in the morse section)
  we don't get the reversed morse (which the designer helpfully pointed out
  would spell "ANIVEU" ;-).  This means that the morse section can be made
  relatively larger without increasing the overall size of the sett.

As I said, I still have a couple of things to confirm with the designer
(including ensuring that there is no copyright silliness despite the
prominent notice on the images ;-) which I hope to have sorted in the next
couple of days -- I'll then do a last call for people to sign up to this,
and tell them to get weaving.

If anyone who's not already told me is interested in these, please mail me,
but be aware, the kilts are going to cost ~350 UKP and women's kilt skirts
are ~190 IIRC.

There has been talk by a couple of people of getting a few extra yards
woven and making them into hats (Tam o'Shanters, I'm guessing), and scarves
or sashes may be a possibility too -- feel free to mail me if you're
interested, since the weaver's setup cost is significant, so it'd be
cheaper to get one longer run than two shorter ones.

Cheers, Phil.
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