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Re: Bits from the DPL: DSA and buildds and DAM, oh my!

On 2/23/07, Mark Brown <broonie@sirena.org.uk> wrote:
On Fri, Feb 23, 2007 at 10:06:47AM -0300, Gustavo Franco wrote:

> softwares) and anyone is free to open bugs with debsecan output and
> stuff like that. Don't tell me that "hey, what's the alpha machine
> status?" and keyring-maint requests will leak information.

Off the top of my head "Please send the machine to my home address
$ADDRESS - I'll drive out to the datacentre and put the machine
on-line as soon as possible after I get it.  Give the shipping company
$NUMBER (my mobile phone number) as the contact number in case there are

That's up to the person behind the *my* you wrote, disclose $ADDRESS
and $NUMBER. The same can't be said about our email address, so what's
the point really? I don't think the DSA members will want to disclose
this kind of information and if somebody does, they won't be forced to
do so. Let me rewrite what would happen IRL, IMHO:

"Please send the machine to my home address - I'll drive out to the DC
and put the machine on-line ASAP. Give the sipping company my phone
number. I'll send you *my personal details* privately."

I still disagree with a private tracking system for DSA. Almost all
the information isn't sensible and can be there, the details can be
passed privately and it's up to the message submitter and nobody else.
It isn't like a person out of DSA can disclose sensible information
that will put DSA stuff at risk.

-- stratus

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