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Re: Criteria for a successful DPL board

On Tue, 13 Feb 2007, Gustavo Franco wrote:
> >> Which kind of decision? Technical?
> >
> >The kind of decision that you expect a DPL to take: decide if a new idea
> >is worth trying, decide of some guidelines for internal teams, decision of
> >new appointments, decide how to spend our money, ...
> Doesn't it makes part of the "various CC to leader@d.o" you pointed
> out above? Nothing new here, i don't see a problem being solved but
> new ones being created due to concurrency problems i will explain
> below.

You must be kidding. You see nothing new when 8 important projects/changes
are completed instead of 2 ?

You see nothing new when decisions are more likely to match the opinion of
the whole developer body ?

Please don't look at the issues from only one side. You keep scrutinizing
on a particular aspect to dismiss the whole stuff...

> >> We've group examples that actually work this way and others that
> >> simple don't work if one board member is MIA. That's all about how
> >> much work from others one of the members can block.
> >
> >I don't see how someone can block the work of others in this particular
> >case. Please be specific (or stop bringing out unrelated concerns).
> I'm sorry, but i think you see and the block can be intentionally or
> not. 

I don't see. Please stop believing that I'm lying on purpose.

> Have you ever worked in medium teams behind one email (board@d.o)?


> It doesn't scale and it rarely works, but just when one or a smaller
> group of persons make the decisions and act while others do basically
> nothing but watch.

And there's nothing wrong in that as long as they watch... they're here to
react if others are doing something wrong and they're here to vote when
needed. Of course not everybody will have the same level of involvement,
that's obvious and I explained that right from the beginning. I want a big
team to always have 4-5 person which are active and watching and reacting.

I expect that only a few will be active proposers while other will play
the role of moderator and adviser.

> Then you can suggest that the email can be pointed to a private request
> tracker or something similar and that's better, but i don't see the
> current problems being solved. We would be just opening the doors to
> create new ones, if we don't have enough already,

It looks like we don't agree on what's the "current problems".

My *main* current problem is that the DPL is not taking enough initiatives
to lead the project, to improve the project, to prepare the project for
the future, etc. I don't care much about the administrivia facet of the

I do care about how Debian will evolve and I have an opinion on the topic.
Hence my interest in leadership issues.

Raphaël Hertzog

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