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Re: Criteria for a successful DPL board

On 2/13/07, Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> wrote:
On Mon, 12 Feb 2007, Gustavo Franco wrote:
> >- more momentum to the leadership: clearly a single leader is swamped with
> >  administrivia and even the addition of a 2IC didn't let Anthony finish
> >  his first proposal (about giving single-package upload rights to some
> >  people which don't want to become full DD but want to maintain just one
> >  or two packages)
> Could you elaborate about the administrivia comment?

I already elaborated somewhere else in the thread. It's more that the DPL
is probably too much sollicited (mediation, press, various CC to
leader@d.o) which let him not too many time to do the projects that he
might have presented in his campaign.

It would be good ask for past DPL input on this then.

> >- better decision taking: when you have a big discussion, it's difficult
> >to take a
> >  decison alone, you take the sole responsibility of it... whereas when
> >  you're 10 which are deciding, it's easier to assume the outcome.
> Which kind of decision? Technical?

The kind of decision that you expect a DPL to take: decide if a new idea
is worth trying, decide of some guidelines for internal teams, decision of
new appointments, decide how to spend our money, ...

Doesn't it makes part of the "various CC to leader@d.o" you pointed
out above? Nothing new here, i don't see a problem being solved but
new ones being created due to concurrency problems i will explain

> >It's also a form of leadership that fits better our own internal workings.
> >If a board member goes MIA, we still have 9 others who are there.
> We've group examples that actually work this way and others that
> simple don't work if one board member is MIA. That's all about how
> much work from others one of the members can block.

I don't see how someone can block the work of others in this particular
case. Please be specific (or stop bringing out unrelated concerns).

I'm sorry, but i think you see and the block can be intentionally or
not. Have you ever worked in medium teams behind one email (board@d.o)
? It doesn't scale and it rarely works, but just when one or a smaller
group of persons make the decisions and act while others do basically
nothing but watch. Then you can suggest that the email can be pointed
to a private request tracker or something similar and that's better,
but i don't see the current problems being solved. We would be just
opening the doors to create new ones, if we don't have enough already,

-- stratus

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