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Re: Criteria for a successful DPL board

On Mon, 12 Feb 2007, Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> Two criteria i find important (especially after last year's
> attempt to put together a strong DPL team) is a sense of unity
> and awareness for public appearence.

While it would be nice if that would be the case, one must admit that
we're simply not able to do that given the various opinions that are
floating around. 

Rather than ignoring the diversity, I try to accept it but in a smaller
scale so that we have a chance to have a productive outcome in as many
cases as possible.

> For the record: You, Raphael, failed [1] in my book on both
> accounts and I see you unfit for a public position and especially
> cooperating with others in a team like a DPL board.

I can understand your frustration given the premises you put in a such a

> [1] when asked about who you would vote for you stated publicly
> that you would not think that I was a good candidate and you
> would rather vote for someone else, eventhough you were in my DPL
> team. It is perfectly all right to think that I was not the best
> candidate. It is also (less so) ok to say that you would vote for
> someone else, eventhough you could have avoided to say that
> without being dishonest. It is bad and demonstrates a lack of
> awareness for public appearence to say that someone you are
> supposed to work together with and support was a bad choice to
> vote for. Here i assume you were not trying to be malicious but
> only ignorant.

In Debian, you have to learn to work with people in charge. So I had no
problem to work with you, had you been elected, even if I believe that you
were not the best candidate. Hiding part of my opinion because I accepted
to serve on your team is not something that I would have been comfortable

There are other occassions where I tend to avoid saying what I really
think, because it doesn't bring anything. But a leader election is not
such an occasion.

Raphaël Hertzog

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