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Re: Social Committee proposal

Josip Rodin <joy@entuzijast.net> wrote: [...]
> Yes, but that would mean that it could have hundreds of members.
> That's just not manageable.

Then nor are ~1000 developers, nor the 6000+ who run a phone company
with me, nor the 3.5million who own shops with me, nor any other large
multi-member business, but that's clearly not true.  You need to
manage them in a different way.  This needs management in the large.

> It would be inherently less accountable because people don't have any means
> to replace its members. Should we really let anyone join, and then have to
> convince the leader or do a general resolution vote every time we want to
> replace someone who's doing something wrong?

Yes, you should let anyone join and then convince everyone every time
you want to replace someone.

It may not be possible and it may be desirable to set things up so you
aren't *required* to do that, but I believe you *should* do it.

Hope that explains,
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