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Re: Social Committee proposal

On to, 2007-01-25 at 17:08 -0600, Peter Samuelson wrote:
> [Josip Rodin]
> > I also think that a social committee would be a good idea.  Even if
> > unrefined and/or undefined, just the notion of having both a
> > technical and a social committee would indicate major progress in our
> > way of thinking.
> Pretty words.  What problem is this supposed to solve?  What benefits
> can we expect from "major progress in our way of thinking"?

It's a proposal to solve problems related to bad (or non-existent)
communication between members of the project, be they individual
developers or teams. As a concrete example, developers who flame and
insult other developers (or users) on Debian mailing lists should be

> Anything less is just empty gestures.  People
> who cause social problems don't stop just because someone asks them to
> stop.

Mere asking might not have been enough, but that plus kicking me out of
Debian mailing lists worked in my case, when I was out of line in 1996.
So I claim that the soc-ctte, if implemented properly, need not be an
empty gesture.

> Or is this, just like way too many other threads in Debian, really
> about Sven Luther needing a better ombudsman?

This has nothing to do with Sven in particular, as far as I could see
from the mails on -private.

There's a reason why "release manager" is abbreviated "RM".

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