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Re: Security categories according to Debian

Reinhard Tartler schrieb:
> Guido Heumann <listguido@web.de> writes:
>> lharnish@harnishfamily.com schrieb: 
>> And btw can anybody explain to me as a native german-speaker the
>> difference between security and safety?)
> In my software engineering class, we were taught this definition:
> security: handles about dependability, authenticity, integrity,
> confidentiality, availability, etc. In German: "Betriebsicherheit"
> safety: Handles about the safety with computer driven machines, that can
> affect man, like medical radiation systems, elevators. It handles about
> how can be assured that nobody gets hurt by running that software. In
> German: "Technische Sicherheit".
> These definitions do not seem to be accepted in general. I've also
> heard about university, which have the same definitions, but exactly
> the other way round. According to quick googling, 'my' definition seem
> to be the more widespread one.

Thanks Reinhard for the explanation. I had a vague imagination that fits
roughly with your definition. Although I still tend to say "my data is
safe" instead of secure, perhaps I'm anthropomorphising (what a word) my
data too much ;-)


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