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Re: Security categories according to Debian

Guido Heumann <listguido@web.de> writes:

> lharnish@harnishfamily.com schrieb: 
> And btw can anybody explain to me as a native german-speaker the
> difference between security and safety?)

In my software engineering class, we were taught this definition:

security: handles about dependability, authenticity, integrity,
confidentiality, availability, etc. In German: "Betriebsicherheit"

safety: Handles about the safety with computer driven machines, that can
affect man, like medical radiation systems, elevators. It handles about
how can be assured that nobody gets hurt by running that software. In
German: "Technische Sicherheit".

These definitions do not seem to be accepted in general. I've also
heard about university, which have the same definitions, but exactly
the other way round. According to quick googling, 'my' definition seem
to be the more widespread one.

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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