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Re: Security categories according to Debian

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Guido Heumann wrote:
> lharnish@harnishfamily.com schrieb:
>> Hello, 
>> I am taking a information security class and was posed this as an
>> assignment question:
>> Describe the broad security categories according to Debian.
> I'm not really a "security expert", but I'd say this question is quite
> difficult to answer because its not very precise. The term "security"
> has so many meanings and aspects, just as the Debian project. Security
> of what? Against what? Perhaps it's just me and my buzzword-aversion,
> but it annoys me that people forget to add this info all the time when
> they speak about "security" (same thing with "protection". And btw can
> anybody explain to me as a native german-speaker the difference between
> security and safety?)
>> I have been unable to find a reference to anything that states that Debian
>> has a different thought on securityt and categorizes security into needs,
>> rrequirements, or any groupings what so ever. I have checked several
>> different websites to include the Debian site itself and a lot of search
>> engines to no avail. 
>> Any links to documentation or papers which indicate Debians thoughts on
>> security and the categories they have set would be greatly appreciated.
> Anyways, I think the most general approach to security issues is written
> in the "Securing Debian Howto", perhaps the page "2.3 How does Debian
> handle security?" might be similar to what your class teacher means:
> http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/securing-debian-howto/ch2.en.html#s2.3
> This relates to all kind of "problems", including bug reporting,
> packaging policy or security updates.

Being cautious about the definition of words, did you really mean to
claim that the howto covers _all_ ?


 - Jonas

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