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Re: Upcoming relaeas

On Wed, Jan 03, 2007 at 08:10:46AM +0200, David Ramsay wrote:
> Hey, I'm wondering if you have any more info on when Debian 4.0 will be
> released?
> Kind Regards
> David Ramsay

Debian 4.0 - currently codenamed Etch - will be released when it's 
ready and will then become the Debian stable version.

The current Debian stable version is 3.1 release 4 which was codenamed 
Sarge prior to release.

The 4.0 release candidate is currently available if you use Debian 
"testing". A freeze of the base system has already taken place as 
part of the preparation process prior to formal release of 4.0 as stable. 

Changes to the release candidate are being hand moderated at the moment 
- packages and package changes are being individually approved 
if they change what will be released as 4.0.

Some bugs remain to be fixed: testing is still going on. A long freeze 
is not anticipated but your guess is as good as anyone's as to the exact 
day/date/time it will be released - there is usually a Debian sweepstake 
of some sort to guess the _actual_ time of release.

Once 4.0 is released as stable, the new "testing" will be known by the 
code name Lenny. On past form, a couple of months of mayhem will then 
ensue in testing as people try to upload new versions of packages, bug 
fixes etc. which were held up by the release freeze which safeguards a 
stable release :)

Hope this helps,


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