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Re: Upcoming relaeas

On Wed, 03 Jan 2007 08:10:46 +0200, David Ramsay <david@dgs.co.za> said: 

> Hey, I'm wondering if you have any more info on when Debian 4.0 will
> be released?

        Traditionally, the answer to this question is "When it is
 ready".  What does being ready mean, and how does one guesstimate how
 close the release is? Well, the release managers set the release
 criteria, and show stopper bugs are called, well, "release critical"
 bugs; and tracking these bugs gives an idea how close we are to the

        But, really, at this point the release date depends on the
 rate differential between opening and closing release critical bugs,
 and there is no sure way of predicting that.

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