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Re: Help for OSS Survey

On Sat, Dec 23, 2006 at 08:33:25AM +0100, Amaya wrote:
> Sven Luther wrote:
> > Thanks, i think that debian will gain much by a neutral outsider
> > analysis of the situation, and as said, it is probably an interested
> > research topic for you :)
> As I understand it, his original topic of research was not what you are
> asking him to do.

Indeed, but as said, i think it is important to do something such, and when i
received the survey a few days after having suggested we do such a thing, i
guess destiny wanted that i ask them about it.

> I would also love to see what people like Biella Coleman would come up
> with after studying "The DunkTank" effect.

Indeed, it was her which i had in mind originally, and which i urged Anthony
as DPL to contact. I was mostly ignored except one post saying "why don't you
contact them yourself". Do you know her contact info ? Would you like to ask
her what is possible or such ? 

> Why was there no such negative reaction back in the days where Ximian
> hired Gnome developers to do their Gnome work? Why is this so different
> in Debian, if Ximian's CEO was also the Gnome Project Leader? Why did
> the rest of the Gnome Developers accept this situation without the
> bitterness we've seen in Debian?

Because gnome is not debian ? Because of the personality of our current DPL and
the way he handles such things ? Because the current climate since a year or
more was very prompt to leading to flames and anger ? This kind of stuff
already started in the Vancouver days, and ties in strongly with the equality
among all DDs and the fact that some may feel themselves more important than
others, or take badly from orders comming from up the hierarchical scale.

> I am also very interested in thir party observation and analisys by
> outsiders with tools coming from social studying fields, like
> anthropology, psicology or $insert_field_here.



Sven Luther

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