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Re: Help for OSS Survey

* Amaya <amaya@debian.org>, [2006-12-23  8:33 +0100]:
>  Why was there no such negative reaction back in the days where Ximian
>  hired Gnome developers to do their Gnome work? Why is this so different
>  in Debian, if Ximian's CEO was also the Gnome Project Leader? Why did
>  the rest of the Gnome Developers accept this situation without the
>  bitterness we've seen in Debian?

I don't know the Gnome community well enough to try to say why they
accepted the situation better than we did. What is interesting to me,
however, is that Ximian was a .com.

Try to think what would have happened if Dunc-Tank was a for-profit
company as well.


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