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Re: Help for OSS Survey

Chuck, James, sorry to flood your mailboxes, please let us know if you
don't wish to receive this discussion directly.

Amaya <amaya@debian.org> writes:
> Why was there no such negative reaction back in the days where Ximian
> hired Gnome developers to do their Gnome work? Why is this so different
> in Debian, if Ximian's CEO was also the Gnome Project Leader? Why did
> the rest of the Gnome Developers accept this situation without the
> bitterness we've seen in Debian?

I'm not party to any internal communication in other large FOSS
projects, but considering that no such flamewars have reached the
Slashdot, I gather our Dunc-Tank dispute is pretty unique. It would be
very nice to have a comparative study between say the Ximian case and
Dunc-Tank case.

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