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Re: Debian Weekly News - November 28th, 2006

* Baz (bazciscor@gmail.com) [061219 01:52]:
> "Andreas Barth has published a release update regarding the upcoming release
> of Debian <http://distrowatch.com/debian> GNU/Linux 4.0. Although it does
> not provide any information about the probable release date of the much
> awaited Etch, it does hint at what many suspected was one of the reasons for
> the current delay - the go slow strike of some of those Debian developers
> who strongly objected to the Dunc-Tank experiment to fund the work of two
> release managers with generous salaries..."
> Is this correct - that some Debian developers are consciously and
> deliberately slowing the release of "etch?"

What is true is that I didn't say that, didn't intend to, and it was
also not an release update. Journalismn at its best.


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