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Re: Debian Weekly News - November 28th, 2006

Ian Jackson wrote:
> Filipus Klutiero writes ("Re: Debian Weekly News - November 28th, 2006"):
> >  DWN should be NPOV
> What nonsense.  Debian is a political organisation, and all of us are
> engaged in politics as well as technology.  Expecting us to be neutral
> is to miss the point completely.

I have to admit that I agree to Filipus, DWN should try to be as
neutral as it can.  However, this requires an Editor that actively
adds items and maintains neutrality, while at the moment (dunc-tank,
yada yada, no funding etc.) DWN is solely contributor-based, so the
contributors decide what gets included.

Filipus, you're welcome to contribute.  Send your items to dwn@debian.org



Life is too short to run proprietary software.  -- Bdale Garbee

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