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Re: debian logo on commercial of the big mobilephones shops network

On Sunday 26 November 2006 12:30, Evgeniy Ivanov wrote:

> [quote]
> I don't see how some russian company using some swirl for advertising
> endangers the freedom of Debian.
> [/quote]
> They are big and has enough money to create new logo, but not to use
> Debian logo for their needs. This time they use swirl, tomorrow they
> would make advertisment with tux... Some days after people would think,
> that Debian is a part of these shops (their intelligent property!).

Again, what others have already said:  it is not the Debian swirl.  It is 
very likely that whoever created this swirl has not even heard about 

The Debian swirl was created with a few - apparently very obvious - steps in 
a popular graphics package (which one?), starting with a default brush 
stroke.  So anybody owning this particular graphics package can easily 
create a similar logo.  Both brush strokes and swirls are not that 

This was discussed in the past already.

Time for a more unique logo?  OTOH I quite like the swirl.  And then there 
are the tattooed people who probably would like the logo to stay the same 
for another few years...

-- vbi

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