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Re: Extremadura developer meetings: what was good, what can get better?

andreas@schuldei.org (Andreas Schuldei) wrote:
> could you please help me to refine this mail to make the answers
> more relevant? [...]

You could start by reading my survey hints at

> How effective were they? 

I think this question - and maybe the first questions in other
sections - would benefit from having a quantified scale on them.  For
example, 0 = totally ineffective, 1 = very ineffective, 2 = fairly
ineffective, 3 = neither, 4 = fairly effective, 5 = very, 6 = totally.

> would you like to attent a work meeting but could not?

s/attent/attend/ ; or maybe s/attent/participate in/

> was that due to personal reasons or limitations of the gathering?

Please don't suggest answers.  Ask simply "why was that" and then try
to code them afterwards.  The above will have problems with "neither"

Please keep -project or academic- informed of the progress of this

Hope that helps,
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